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Medicare Services

for Individuals & Employees

HTA provides educational based support and enrollment services at no charge.

You will never pay more for insurance by working with the HTA Medicare Advisor Team.

Although we will help with all of your enrollments, everyone on our Medicare Advisor Team is a salaried employee of HTA, so you will never feel any sales pressure.  Below is a sample of how HTA can simplify your Retirement Healthcare experience.

We feel it is important that our clients receive proper assistance and advice when it comes to their Medicare decisions. HTA will provide a full service package to help you transition to Medicare, acquire the most appropriate supplemental coverage for your situation, and provide ongoing support.


Pre and Post retirement consultations provide individuals no cost Zoom or phone counseling sessions to prepare and answer questions for all aspects of retirement healthcare.  You schedule your consultation calls for a day and time that is most convenient to you.  Our Advisors will provide as much coaching as you desire on Medicare planning.


After a consultation call, you will receive an easy to understand bullet point summary of the call. The tailor-made “Roadmap to Medicare” Report is a customized report that will give step by step action items to do at specific times leading up to retirement. It answers questions like:

  • Should I enroll or defer my Medicare Part B at Age 65? How do I defer/enroll?
  • When does it make sense to explore Medicare and Supplemental/Advantage options if I work past age 65?


Medicare Supplement, Medicare Advantage, Prescription Drug, and Dental/Vision coverage.  The HTA Team can shop many insurance carriers and products at the click of a button to save you time and research. We will provide gentle guidance and support for choosing the most suitable and cost effective plans. Our Advisors will compare prices from the leading insurance carriers, explain the products and help complete the enrollment. Our Client Service Team will follow through with your application all the way to make sure the policy is issued correctly and you are comfortable with the coverage. In addition, HTA provides ongoing, unlimited support for future questions as well as annual coverage reviews. 

No Cost Services

HTA provides educational based support and enrollment services for you, your friends and your family nationwide ~ all at no charge.

Our only ask is that when it comes time for your Medicare enrollment, you allow HTA to help you with the paperwork.  HTA is compensated by the insurance carrier offered when policy is written.  You will never pay more for insurance by working with the HTA Medicare Advisor Team.

Our Advisors are all salaried employees, and are not incentivized with commissions.  Our guarantee: NO SALES PITCHES!  Only friendly, undivided, and efficiently executed service. 

HTA is committed to exceeding your expectations.

We have the answers!

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