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Medicare Supplements, Medicare Advantage and More

Although Medicare Part A & B may cover up to 80% of expenses, many people find that is not enough. This leads them to look towards additional coverage through Medicare Supplement or Medicare Advantage plans. On this episode of The Prosperous Life, Tracy Russo, Medicare expert and President of HTA, is here to uncover the pros and cons of these plans.

In this podcast, you will learn:

  • Does Medicare A and B provide enough coverage?
  • The key differences between Medicare Advantage and Medicare Supplement plans
  • How to switch between Medicare Supplement and Medicare Advantage
  • When is the right time to change your Medicare plan
  • Differences in enrollment periods for existing Medicare subscribers and new subscribers

Medicare Enrollment Periods- Do I have to enroll when I am 65?

When approaching the age for Medicare, there are some common questions: Do I have to apply for Medicare when I turn 65? What if I’m still working and receiving employer-sponsored health care? Should I defer enrolling in Medicare, and if I do, how can I be sure I won’t be penalized? On this episode of The Prosperous Life, Tracy Russo, President of HTA, is here to shed some light on Medicare enrollment, timing considerations, and more.

In this podcast, you will learn:

  • Who needs to enroll in Medicare and when should they apply
  • The consequences of not applying for Medicare during your enrollment period
  • Reasons to defer enrolling in Medicare at age 65 and how to defer
  • When to enroll in Medicare if you’re still working at age 65
  • The definition of credible coverage in the eyes of Medicare
  • Medicare’s interaction with COBRA, retiree plans, severance coverage, and health savings accounts (HSAs)

Medicare Costs, Coverages and Considerations

There are many factors to consider before applying for Medicare. Getting started can bring up a slew of new questions. When do I qualify for Medicare, and what will it cover? What will Medicare cost, and which parts do I need? Tracy Russo, President of HTA, is here to give us an overview of Medicare and shed light on some critical factors to consider before applying.

In this podcast, you will learn:

  • Who qualifies for Medicare
  • Consequences of not signing up for Medicare
  • The four main parts of Medicare (Parts A, B, C, and D), what they cover, and how they interact
  • When to enroll in Medicare
  • The cost of Medicare

Overview of Medicare Parts – 9 mins

Medicare Enrollment Periods – 7 mins

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