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Annual enrollment period

What you need to know if you are still working

Who needs to take action during AEP? - 1m 46s

Who needs to take action during AEP?

Unless you are ALREADY ENROLLED in a Medicare Advantage or Medicare Prescription Drug Plan, you DO NOT have to take any action during AEP.

The deadlines ONLY pertain to those that are ALREADY ENROLLED in a Medicare Advantage or Medicare Prescription Drug Plan and want to make changes.

Who can use HTA Services During AEP?

Who HTA can help…

Anyone who is doing their initial OnBoarding into Medicare–This is what we do best and we love helping people figure out the maze of Medicare

Anyone who is enrolled in at least one type of insurance through HTA–If you already enrolled through HTA we offer a VIP service every year to help you shop your coverages to make sure you always are enrolled in your most suitable option.


Who HTA is unable help…

As much as we want to help everyone that is seeking guidence, we simply don’t have the capacity.  We have to put our existing clients first.  If you are already enrolled through HTA or is coming into Medicare for the first time, we got your back.

Anyone who is already enrolled in a Medicare Advantage Plan or Medicare Prescription Drug plan through another insurance representative–In an effort to be helpful to others, we have created our Non Client AEP Page to answer your most frequently asked questions and provides videos to guide you through the process.

Is your Group Health Plan is renewing? 

Does it make sense to drop my group health plan to enroll in Medicare?

A general rule of thumb is that if your group health plan costs on average less than $300/month/person or about $3600/year/person, then your group health plan is more cost effective than Medicare.

  • Please add up the premiums, copays, deductibles and coinsurances (everything except Rx cost) of your current group health plan for comparison.

However, if you think you may pay more than that, or you are seeking lower deductibles and copays, then you may want to explore Medicare further.

Cost Analysis 2m 40s

Turning 65? 

Here is what you need to know about WHEN to enroll in Medicare.

Is your Prescription Coverage Creditable for Part D deferral?

All employers that provide prescription drug coverage to employees and their dependents eligible for Medicare Part D, are required to notify those individuals whether or not the coverage that is provided, is creditable, as part of the Medicare Part D creditable coverage requirements.

Most Group Health Plans have creditable coverage for Part D deferral.  Typically only higher deductible plans that do not offer any first dollar Prescription Benefits fit into this catagory. 

Your Employer should notify you if there is any concern about your plan being creditable.

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