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Prescription Drug Plan- SilverScript SmartSaver PDP

Plan Information

  • Premiums vary by state.
  • $280 Deductible
    • Deductible is waived for Tier 1 Prescriptions. Applies to Tier 2-5 medications.
  • $0 Co-pay on Tier 1 Medications at preferred pharmacies or mail order

Please reference your personal Rx Report provided by HTA which shows the plan premium, copays by tier ranking, specific costs  and drug limits or restrictions for your current medication list.

Plan Documents


  • Mail Order Pharmacy  Information (click highlighted link to see details).
  • Preferred Pharmacy Search
    • SilverScript has preferred pharmacies where you can get lower co-pays. Please use the above link to search for pharmacies near you.

All Medicare Prescription Drug Plans have 4 Stages of Coverage. Please click on the link for more details and a short video overview on Medicare Prescription Drug Plans and Stages.

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