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Auto Insurance

Purpose of Auto Coverage

To protect you against financial loss if you are in an auto accident. 

Auto Insurance helps to pay for damage to your vehicle and/or other property that your vehicle may damage.  In addition it helps pay for injuries and medical expenses (limits apply).  

Vehicle owners must purchase and maintain auto insurance to legally drive in Pennsylvania.

Protecting Others

One black woman in the car with neck pain

Property Damage Liability

(required in PA)

Bodily Injury Liability

(required in PA)

Driver hand examining dented car with damaged fender parked on city street side. Road safety and vehicle insurance concept

What happens if I am sued?

A standard car insurance policy may help cover accident-related judgements and legal expenses if a suit is brought against you. 

There are two types of liability car insurance: bodily injury (BI) and property damage (PD).

The insurance generally does not pay over the policy limits so it is important that you have adequate limits on your policy.  

Protecting You

1st Party Benefits

Medical Expenses

required in PA

Un-Insured / Under-Insured Motorist (UM / UIM)

per person/per accident

This coverage applies to you, relatives residing in your household, and your passengers if injured by an at-fault motorist who does not have coverage or have enough coverage to pay your claim. This covers medical bills and lost wages, but does not cover damage to property. 

If you are concerned about your Property (Auto) in the event of an Un/Under Insured, we also recommend that you have collision coverage on your policy.  Minimum Property Damage coverage required in PA is $5,000, so motorists with minimum coverage will likely not cover the full cost of your vehicle if they were to hit you. 

  • Stacking Coverage – By law, stacked coverage applies unless you reject it.  Stacking applies to Uninsured/Under Insured Motorists.  Your limit of coverage for each covered vehicle on your policy is multiplied by the number of vehicles on the policy.  In other words, you have access up to the aggregated amount for one or multiple vehicles.
    • Vehicles do not need to be covered under the same policy for stacking to apply (as long as the stacking benefit is listed on both policies).

Full/Limited Tort

If you are in an automobile accident, you are able to recover out-of-pocket medical and certain other expenses.

  • Full Tort gives you unrestricted rights.
  • Limited Tort offers you significant savings on your premium but you are not able to recover certain damages—such as payments for pain and suffering—unless the injuries meet one of the exceptions in the law.
    • Full Tort still applies in the following circumstances 

      • Other vehicle is registered out of state 
      • Other driver is convicted of DUI 

If you fail to specially elect limited tort, you will be deemed to have elected full tort.

Optional Benefits

Do you have...

Garaged Vehicle     Anti Theft     Airbags     Drivers at college without car     Teens with good grades
Accidents     Violations     Low Credit Score
High annual mileage    Work related mileage    Passengers for a fee

Please be sure to mention this to your HTA Advisor

What is not covered?

Auto Insurance does not cover wear and tear or mechanical breakdown.  Common exclusions include but are not limited to personal effects and equipment such as cellular telephones, compact discs, CD players, and custom stereo speakers and systems that are not permanently installed in the vehicle by the manufacturer generally are not covered, unless specifically declared and added to the policy.

What if I Drive for a Transportation Network Company?

Attention Uber, Lyft, Door Dash, Grubhub, etc…

Ask the TNC what coverage they have in place that will cover you. While the TNC should have coverage in place, you may also want to have your own coverage.  Many TNC companies only cover liability (Protecting Others), but will not cover damage to your vehicle (Protecting You). 

Most personal auto policies do not provide coverage while you are carrying a passenger for hire.  However, there are insurers who do offer to endorse coverage onto your policy—usually for an additional premium. It is important not to drive for a TNC until you are sure that the coverage you need is in place to protect you.

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