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What’s behind the surge in insurance premiums?

Interior view of a house under construction

1. Increased Costs for Rebuilding

The expense of reconstructing homes has significantly increased, primarily driven by the escalating prices of both materials and labor. Additionally, challenges persist in the supply chain for materials. It’s a unanimous observation that prices across the board have surged. Carriers, in order to sustain themselves, find it unsustainable to absorb these elevated costs without implementing corresponding increases in their charges.

2. Rising Expenditures for Vehicle Repairs

The expenses associated with repairing your car have increased by 20%, primarily attributed to the escalating costs of both auto parts and the labor required for car repairs. Furthermore, the inclusion of technology features in vehicle components has added complexity, making repairs more challenging and costlier.

Customer pay with money for repair to the mechanic at garage workshop.
CNN Newsweek Article:   What’s behind the rapid increase in car insurance rates   
By , CNN  Wed March 13, 2024
Legal fees set by the court. Penalty and court trial. Fines, penalties and forfeits. Compliance with sanctions and embargoes. Lawyer services. Protection of rights. Financial compensation

3. Increased and More Frequent Expenses Related to Legal Proceedings

Legal proceedings come with a hefty price tag, and the costs are surging at an unprecedented pace, witnessing a sharp 30% increase in the year 2022 alone.

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