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Medicare Part A & B

How to Defer 

Since you have creditable group coverage (see video on right), you can wait to enroll in Medicare Later. You have the option to not enroll (defer) both Medicare A and B, or you can enroll in premium free Part A and defer Part B which has a cost.

If you do not have a Health Savings Account, we recommend that you enroll in Part A to get your Medicare number established.  It is not required, but does not cost you anything.  Please visit our enroll in Part A only webpage for more details.

However,  if you have an HSA (Health Savings Account) on your group health plan, you should not enroll in either Medicare Parts A or B.   

Deferring is easy but will depend on if you are already collecting social security income:

Not Enrolling in Medicare Parts A and B

What is Group Creditable Coverage? 1 min

Enrolling Later:

The Request For Employment Information form provides the creditable coverage information to avoid  a Medicare Part B penalty when you enroll after age 65.  This form is not required until you are ready to enroll.

  • There is no need to notify Medicare now if you are not enrolling. 
  • No need to keep this form, we can provide the current version when you are closer to enrollment.
  • If you change jobs after age 65, you will be required to get this form completed by each employer that provided Group Health Benefits after age 65.

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