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Schedule AEP

So we may best help you this AEP, we are asking all clients to complete an AEP Questionnaire.  This FULLY HIPAA COMPLIANT secure form will ask you various questions depending on what types of plans you want to shop.

How do I best prepare for AEP? 6m47s

If you want to shop your

  • Prescription Plan– have your Prescription bottles handy to complete the form
  • Medicare Supplement Plan– you will be asked about your current premiums (check your bank statement if you get monthly ACH) and health history information
  • Medicare Advantage Plan– please be prepared with a list of your doctors along with their address

You will have the option to have your shopping results emailed to you, or you can schedule a Phone Call or Zoom Meeting to meet directly with one of our Medicare Client Services Reps to go over your options.

*If you are content with your plan and just want to double check that it is ok for next year, we recommend you do Email Shopping.  You are more than welcome to schedule a review appointment if you have questions after you get your results.

How would you like to receive your results?

How do I know what insurance I have? 2m11s

When is the best time to review my Medicare Supplement Plan - 2m23s

Who needs to take action during AEP - 3m36s

Differences between Medicare Supplement vs Medicare Advantage – 10m10s

Important Annual Enrollment Period Dates – 1m27s

What if I am happy with my current Prescription plan - 5m32s