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annual enrollment period

Reviewing your plans

How to best prepare for AEP- 8m 35s

  • Choose to Email Shop or Schedule a Phone/Zoom Appointment
      • Tip– If you are content with your coverage but want to make sure it is still OK for next year, we recommend that you utilize our email shopping. 
  • Complete Questionnaire– Once you have selected how you would like to review your plans, you will be prompted to complete our newly simplified AEP Questionnaire.
  • Scope of Appointment Form– Following your submission- HTA will be sending you a separate email with a link to complete your SOA.
    • NEW CMS Rule– SOA must be received 48 hours prior to your appointment. We cannot shop your plan unless we receive an updated SOA on file!
How would you like to review your plans? 

Appointments to shop your EXISTING Medicare plans must be scheduled between 10/1-12/7

Additional AEP Resources

What kind of insurance do I have? - 2min 41s

Best time to review Medicare Supplement Plan - 2m 22s

Who needs to take action during AEP - 1m 46s

Differences between Medicare Supplement vs Medicare Advantage – 10m 10s

Important AEP Dates- 2m 2s

What if I don't want to change my plan? - 4m 8s

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