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Annual Enrollment Period

Questionnaire Received – Appointment Already Scheduled

Thank you for completing your HIPAA Compliant AEP Questionnaire!  We are looking forward to talking with you on your scheduled appointment. 

Additional Action may be required

Scope of Appointment

You will receive an email from within the next business day.  The subject of the email is Scope of Appointment form”.

    • Please take 30 seconds to click on the link and give us permission to shop your Medicare Plans. 
    • If you requested that we shop your Spouse/Partner’s plan- they will also receive an email and will need to complete this form as well. 
    •  We cannot shop your plan unless we receive an updated Scope of Appointment form!
If you requested that we obtain your prescription list by connecting to your account.
You will receive a second email from 
The subject of the email is “Connect to to share your prescriptions (from a licensed sales agent).
      • Click the button in the email “Login to”
      • Enter your Username and Password for your existing account 
      • Once logged in Click the “Allow” button 
      • It may take up to 2 minutes for the information to process. Once it is completed a message stating “Prescriptions shared successfully. Please close your browser” will appear on the screen. 
Please visit our AEP Planning Webpage to learn more about best practices and FAQ’s about AEP

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