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Medicare Services

for Employers & Human Resources
Making Life Easier for Employers and Human Resources Departments

Do you have employees nearing age 65 and/or retirement? — Are they coming to you with their questions about Medicare and their health insurance transition?

We can help!!!

Our educational services are offered at No Cost to bring extra value to Employers and soon to be Retirees alike.

Our Advisors are all salaried employees, and are not incentivized with commissions.  Our guarantee: NO SALES PITCHES!  Only friendly, undivided, and efficiently executed service. 

Our Services

HTA can service your employees nationwide.  Licensed in 50 states offering many insurance carriers.  

Our services are available to employees, their family and friends. 

Group Educational Webinars

The Webinar is no cost to you or your employees. The 60 minute, informative presentation provides a comfortable, no pressure environment for learning and gathering information. It is great for anybody who is (or has loved ones) nearing age 65 and/or retirement. 

Attendees will be able to ask questions throughout the webinar that will be answered in writing after the webinar.  Those who register will even get a copy of the presentation to refer to whenever they need it.  When they are ready, they can contact us for their own, personalized Roadmap to Medicare. 

HR Medicare Support Team

We have a dedicated Employer Services Team available to answer your toughest Medicare questions.  Email or call and HTA will provide thoughtful, detailed answers that are referenced and sited for accuracy.  We can be that trusted resource you and your employees wanted/needed for answers about Medicare.  We respond to inquiries both verbally and in writing.

Cost Benefit Analysis

Compare your Group Health Plan to Medicare and better identify which employees may be inclined to voluntarily waive off the Group Health Plan to join Medicare.

Employee Medicare Support  —  Roadmap to Medicare PROCESS

When your employee is ready, we will assist them in a scheduled Zoom appointment or phone call to not only understand their Medicare-related options, but also to make the decisions that are best for them and their loved ones. 

Since each employee’s situation may be different, we provide a personalized, no cost consultation to provide recommendations specific to their situation and health needs. We follow up with a detailed summary email and report outlining the employee’s specific “action plan.”

We can advise on:

  • What is involved in going from a Group Health Policy to Medicare
  • When is it appropriate to enroll or defer Medicare Part B if not retiring at age 65
  • What happens when couples do not turn 65 at the same time
  • What does Medicare cover and not cover
  • Shopping and research on Secondary insurance options with over 40 insurance carriers

Reliable advice from a trusted resource

Woman at deskHTA has been offering Medicare related products for over 25 years. Our Client Services Team members are experts in Medicare Insurance.  We have an intimate knowledge of the products and carriers.  All team members go through a detailed, uniform training program; therefore, employees will get the same high quality advice from all of our Advisors.  In addition, each team member is required to talk with many Medicare beneficiaries in a supervised training environment prior to working with a referred employee.

Our team approach provides high quality service.  Your employee will receive get quick answers by speaking with any available team member.  In addition, they have the option to continuously work with the same representative for every call.  Please note, they may need to schedule an appointment if their assigned rep is not currently available.

Our Advisors are all salaried employees, and are not incentivized with commissions.  Our guarantee: NO SALES PITCHES!  Only friendly, undivided, and efficiently executed service.

We are committed to exceeding your expectations.

Interested in setting up services for your company?

Offering educational seminars, webinars, & personal consultations
Call:  610-430‐6650, Option 3   |   Email:

Let our team know you are looking to set up Medicare Educational Support for your employees.


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