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For many people, getting older should mean a more simplified life of fun with friends and family.  However, many times when people near age 65 and/or retirement, an overwhelming feeling of anxiety sets in from the daunting task of figuring WHAT is necessary, WHEN and HOW to get enrolled in Medicare.  All of the mail just adds to the confusion.  Knowing where to start, navigating the choices and understanding important deadlines can be overwhelming.

HTA is here to help!

HTA specializes in Retirement Healthcare Solutions. Our specialists quiet the “noise” and provide non-biased education and enrollment assistance.

Education is the key.  HTA’s mission is to spread organized, easy to follow education on many topics surrounding Retirement Health Insurance.  Specializing in Medicare & Long Term Care Planning, HTA provides quality training, education and enrollment assistance to Advisors, Individuals and Employers.  For more information on our products and services, please click on the appropriate link below…