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Parts A & B

4 Parts of Medicare - 1min

Medicare A & B Costs and Coverages - 4:49min

Medicare B Higher Income Premiums - 3:45min

Medicare A and B…

  • You become eligible for Medicare A and B when you turn age 65, or if you are under 65 and have special circumstances
  • Whether or not you need to enroll is depends on if you have creditable coverage (ask HTA for your specific Roadmap into Medicare situation)
  • Medicare A and B is great baseline coverage but does not cover all of your medical expenses

What does Medicare Part A Cover?

Medicare Part A is your inpatient hospital coverage.

More details on Part A from

What does Medicare Part B Cover?

Medicare Part B is your outpatient medical coverage.

Doctors, Specialists, Diagnostic Testing, Outpatient Surgery, Chemotherapy, Emergency Room, Hospital Observation, etc.

More information on Part B from

Does Medicare A and B pay 100% of my medical expenses?

No.  On average, Medicare pays about 80% of your medical expenses.  There is no maximum out of pocket limit on your out of pocket share of the expenses.  This is what makes secondary insurance so important.  

View the Medicare Out of Pocket Costs here

There are also certain services that are not coverage by Medicare.  See more information on what Medicare does not cover at 

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