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Are you approaching age 65 or retirement, or do you want to know more about Medicare?

Click on the button below to schedule a phone appointment with one of our Medicare Client Services Representatives.   This is a NO COST phone consultation.

We help individuals understand what they do and do not need to do with Medicare, and the appropriate timeline for when they should enroll.  Our team at HTA assists the client with the entire initial enrollment process including: How and when to enroll in Medicare A and B, and helping choose the appropriate Medicare Supplement/Medicare Advantage, Prescription Drug Plan and/or Dental and Vision insurance.  We represent over 35 insurance carriers to allow each client to choose their most appropriate solution based on their individual objectives, needs and budget.

Already enrolled in a Medicare Supplement Plan and want to shop your coverage?

**Medicare Supplement plans can be shopped anytime throughout the year subject to Medical Underwriting.  (Medicare Prescriptions Drug Plans and Medicare Advantage plans can only be shopped during the Annual Enrollment Period 10/15 to 12/7)

If you would like to see if you qualify for a lower premium, please click the button below to complete our shopping questionnaire.  Completing this form does not guarantee coverage and will not impact your current plan.  Once questionnaire is submitted you we be emailed a link to our online scheduling system. 

*If your premium has not changed since we last shopped your plan, you likely still have the most appropriate option for your objectives.

Dental or Vision

Dental and Vision plans can be purchased anytime throughout the year.  There is no deadline for enrollment.  However, many plans have reduced benefits in the first year and grow to your full benefit value starting after your first policy anniversary date. It makes sense to look into dental insurance prior anticipating large dental bills.

*If you already have an appointment scheduled to discuss other insurance with HTA, simply let the Representative know that you also want to discuss Dental or Vision on the same call (no need to schedule another appointment).  However, if you want to schedule a time specifically to discuss just Dental and Vision, click the scheduling link below.

Long Term Care

Long Term Care (and Short Term Care) insurance provides benefits to pay for services to help with everyday personal needs when you get to a point when you can no longer care for yourself.  Typically you can get benefits for Home Health Care, Assisted Living, and/or Nursing Home Care.  Long Term Care plans are medically underwritten, so you need to be healthy to qualify to purchase a plan.  The younger you are when you purchase, the lower the premiums.